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Handheld welding water chiller units
Monthly sales volume

Cooling Capacity 3000KW
Voltage Frequency AC220V.110V.380V/60Hz
Rated Current 7.6A
Low Temperature Water Flow 15L/min
Low Temperature Control Accracy  ±1ºC
Low Temp.Water Interface φ12mm
Normal Temp.Water Interface φ6mm
Using compressors from well-knownbrands such as Hitachi, Panasonic andSamsung to ensure strong and fastcooling,efficientand energy-saving.
New Arrivals
Water Chiller of Laser Welding Machine MODEL.QGB-1500SFN2-1-1225
Laser water cooler
Product Overview
1. Suitable for various laser fan cladding, welding, cutting and othercarbon dioxide lasers 2. Suitable for all kinds of laser marking, 3D printing and other lamppumped lasers3. Suitable for various laser cladding, welding, cutting and othersemiconductor pump lasers 4. Suitable for all kinds of laser cladding, welding, cutting and otherfiber lasers
This series of precision water cooler uses full intelligent LCD andigital display controller, simple and intuitive operation, providing highconstant liquid temperature, high reliability design concept to ensure thesafe operation of machine tools, it is a powerful helper for mechanicalspindle and electric spindle.
Company Profile
The companvcovers an area of about 40000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 100advanced laser cutting equipment, CNC bending machine, CNC lathe, CNC machiningmillion vuan.withcenter, high-speed punch, milling compound, manipulator automatic welding and other advanced equipment.annual production and sales of more than 40000 sets, total output value of more than 200 million yuan, profitand tax more than 8 million yuan.
Contact us to provide professional refrigeration solutions for chillers, such as cabinet air conditioners, oil coolers, and hand-held welding chillers. We are a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment
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Quanguan understands that customers don’t know what type of heat exchanger to choose when choosing heat exchangers for machine tool electronic control boxes. We consulted a refrigeration engineer and
The working principle of the variable frequency chiller is to use variable frequency technology to control the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit. By changing the power frequency, the inverter
The main differences between variable frequency chillers and ordinary chillers are reflected in the following aspects: adjustment ability, energy-saving performance, precise temperature control, noise
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