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Machine tool heat exchanger selection - How to calculate the heat generated by the machine tool elec

Issuing time:2023-11-23 10:36Author:Quan Guan Xiao He

Quanguan understands that when customers choose heat exchangers for machine tool electronic control boxes, they don’t know what type of heat exchanger to choose. We consulted a refrigeration engineer and gave everyone a common machine tool heat exchange calculation formula:

Q = K * A * ΔT


Q: Heat load, unit is W

K: heat transfer coefficient, unit is W/(m²·K)

A: Heat transfer area, unit is m²

ΔT: temperature difference between inlet and outlet water, unit is K

This formula represents the heat dissipation capacity of the heat exchanger, that is, the amount of heat lost through the heat exchanger per unit time. When selecting a machine tool heat exchanger, you can calculate the heat dissipation capacity of the required heat exchanger based on this formula, so as to select the appropriate Quanguan heat exchange model.

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