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Principle and Advantages of Variable Frequency Chiller for Machine Tool Cooling

Issuing time:2023-11-14 11:39Author:QuanGuan Xiaohe

The working principle of the variable frequency chiller is to use variable frequency technology to control the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. By changing the power frequency, the frequency converter can control the speed of the compressor, thereby changing the flow of refrigerant and the refrigeration capacity of the system. This design allows the inverter chiller to operate efficiently under different load conditions, provide the required cooling capacity, and achieve energy savings.


The advantages of variable frequency chillers are as follows:

1. High efficiency: The refrigeration power can be automatically adjusted according to the real-time condition of the compressor and the ambient temperature to achieve efficient refrigeration.

2. Quiet: The power can be adjusted automatically in real time, and the braking equipment will only be turned on when necessary, with low noise.

3. Power saving: The cooling power can be adjusted in real time according to demand, thereby greatly reducing system energy consumption.

4. Reliable: The integration of motors makes installation, maintenance and other tasks simpler.

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