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What are the comparative advantages between variable frequency chillers and ordinary chillers?

Issuing time:2023-11-13 09:34Author:Quan Guan Xiao He

The main differences between variable frequency chillers and ordinary chillers are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Adjustment ability: The variable frequency chiller has an adjustable frequency driving device, which can adjust the operating speed of the compressor according to actual needs, thereby automatically adjusting the refrigeration capacity in real time to meet system needs. Ordinary chillers use fixed-speed drives and run at a fixed speed, so the cooling capacity cannot be accurately adjusted.

2. Energy-saving performance: The variable frequency chiller can automatically adjust the operating speed according to load demand, reduce power consumption under partial load conditions, and improve energy utilization. Ordinary chillers may waste energy and have low efficiency at low loads.

3. Precise temperature control: The frequency adjustment function of the inverter chiller enables more precise temperature control. It can adjust the supply of refrigerant as needed to achieve the required temperature stability and control accuracy. Ordinary chillers can often only achieve temperature adjustment by starting and stopping, and there may be large temperature fluctuations.

4. Noise and vibration: The variable frequency chiller can smoothly adjust the operating speed, and the noise and vibration are relatively low during operation. Ordinary chillers may produce loud noise and vibration during starting and stopping.

5. Refrigeration capacity: The cooling capacity of the variable frequency chiller can reach about 1.5 times that of the ordinary chiller, and it has stronger cooling capacity.

In summary, variable frequency chillers are superior to ordinary chillers in terms of adjustment capabilities, energy-saving performance, precise temperature control, noise and vibration. But the price is also more expensive than ordinary water chillers.

Quanguan variable frequency chiller has precise temperature control, fast cooling, energy saving, and can efficiently cooperate with the cooling of machine tools and equipment.

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