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Announcement of Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement

Issuing time:2019-01-05 10:13Author:admin

Issuance Department: Ministry of Administration

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According to the company's production and operation, the following arrangements are made for the Spring Festival holidays in 2019:

I. Holiday time

The Spring Festival holidays are 15 days; January 28 (December 23) - February 11 (the seventh day of the first month).

February 12 (8th, Tuesday of the first month) officially opens for work. Negotiating units may call or visit.

According to the state regulations, employees are entitled to three days paid vacation, that is, February 5 (the first day of the first month) - February 7 (the third day of the first month).

2. Warm Tips

Colleagues should plan their vacation trips in advance to ensure that they return to the factory on time to start construction.

As the number of people traveling during the Spring Festival Transport surges, it is necessary to book train tickets, bus tickets and air tickets in advance so as not to affect the holiday schedule.

When driving home, we need to check the condition of the vehicle in advance. We prefer to wait for an hour more and get home safely without grabbing another minute.

Colleagues who need the company's assistance in booking train tickets can contact the Ministry of Administration to make a unified arrangement and try to grab tickets for everyone. Because there are too many people to grab tickets, we need to consider it through multiple channels.

Best wishes:

Happy Spring Festival and happy family!



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