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When mechanical equipment problems occur, the production line will not be able to operate, so the factory delays the delivery time, we choose the quality of the crown is guaranteed, and after-sales also rest assured.

Oil cooler is also called oil cooler. When operating, we should pay attention to:

1. Circulating oil pump can not run without oil in the tank (7.5HP or above oil cooler, oil tank oil level is too low, oil pump will automatically stop running, low oil level indicator lights will be on and warning)

2. Operating switches should avoid continuous switching as far as possible.

3. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will stop running automatically, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. Temperature switch should avoid setting below 5 C to prevent the evaporator from freezing.

5. To ensure the refrigeration effect and keep the best condition, please clean the condenser and evaporator regularly.

Note 1

When the condenser heat dissipation is poor, the compressor efficiency is low and the running current is increased. When the high pressure rises to every 300 PCI/cm3, the compressor keeps jumping off under the high pressure switch, the compressor stops running, and the high pressure overload indicator light for poor heat dissipation is on. At this time, please check whether the cooling tower circulating water is normal, whether the cooling water temperature is too high, whether the fan water pump of the cooling tower is running, whether the cooling water valve is fully opened. If the high voltage overload often occurs, please arrange to clean the condenser as soon as possible.

Note two

Refrigerant shortage treatment methods:

1. When the oil temperature is above 5 C, the low-pressure meter shows that the refrigerant is insufficient when it is below 30 psl/cm2. Generally, we must repair or treat the leakage of the refrigerant first, then replace the desiccant, re-vacuum treatment, and fill the appropriate refrigerant.

2. When you find that the leaking refrigerant is partly immersed in oil, please stop the operation of the oil cooler, quickly remove the oil in the tank, and notify the company to send personnel to deal with repairs as soon as possible, so as not to cause more serious damage to the compressor system.

Note three

Is high and low pressure normal?

The high pressure meter shows that 160-230psl/cm2 is the best when the compressor is in normal operation, but not higher than 280psl/cm2. When the high pressure is higher than 280psl/cm2, the high voltage switch should be treated according to Note 1. The low voltage should be 40-65psl/cm2, but not lower than 30psl/cm2. The low voltage switch should be treated according to Note 2.

When the differential pressure between high pressure and low pressure is very small or equal when the compressor is running, it means that the compressor itself is broken or broken. Please stop running immediately and notify the company to send someone to deal with it. Please note that the above condition is when the compressor is running normally, if not.

High and low pressure is still in normal condition.

Note four

When the compressor fails for some reason, if the oil pump continues to operate at this time, it may cause the oil temperature to rise rapidly. When the oil temperature exceeds 70 C, the inner pipeline and pump shaft seal may cause damage and oil leakage.

Note five

When the fault indicator and protection switch are all normal, the compressor can not start, please check:

1. Is the temperature switch too high or damaged?

2. Whether the switch is damaged or not

3. Damage of Antifreeze Switch

4. Low Voltage Switch Jump or Damage

5. Damage or escape of compressor overload protector

6. Coil Damage of Electromagnetic Relay and Overload Protector Damage

7. If the engine type is non-tank type, please check whether the oil flow switch is damaged or not. If the above control switch or circuit is faulty, the compressor will not be able to operate.

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