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Electric Cabinet Air Conditioner QG-JK-030AW

Brand Quang
Model QG-JK-030AW
Cooling capacity 300W
Size 163X320X565
Power supplier 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Power 288W
Currency .
Voltage/Hz .
Pump power .
Rated currency 1.5A

Product features

1. Key components adopt international famous brand components, with good performance and high reliability.

2. With special structure design, large air volume, small enthalpy difference, less condensate and strong cooling capacity

3. With compressor overload protection, compressor delayed start and other protection functions to improve the service life of the product.

4. Microcomputer electronic thermostat control, the machine can be set according to user needs, any thermostat temperature, preset the highest temperature 30 ℃, the lowest temperature 16 ℃, control accuracy of ± 1 ℃, the machine also has dehumidification function.

5. The regulator can control the temperature and humidity of the electric control box in real time to reach the set temperature, and the machine can still be applied under the harsh environment of high temperature and high humidity.

6. This machine is external type, easy to install and maintain.

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