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Oil Chiller QG-012LY

Brand Quang
Model QG-012LY
Cooling capacity 1200W
Size 365X450X625
Power 535W
Currency 2.5A
Voltage/Hz 3∮220V/50Hz 3∮380V/50Hz
Pump power 190W
Pump flow 3.7L/min
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【Product Features】

1. Adopt new generation microcomputer controller with full Chinese/English display. Provide RS485 communication interface, directly display the working status on the machine display, to achieve real-time monitoring. Improves the safety of the machine control system.

2. The digital display provides two temperature control modes, room temperature and constant temperature, which can be easily converted according to the user's requirements and are easy to operate.

3. Equipped with a variety of protection functions, with automatic fault diagnosis function, the fault point is directly displayed on the screen, prompting the user to deal with it quickly.

4. Adopt Hitachi, Panasonic and other famous brand compressors to ensure strong and fast refrigeration, high efficiency and energy saving.

5. With power-on self-start function, convenient for users to use.

6. With remote operation and control function.

7. High quality appearance, overall surface spraying treatment, reasonable structure, easy for daily maintenance.

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