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Product information

Immersion Chiller QG-025 JR

Brand Quang
Model QG-025 JR
Cooling capacity 2.5KW
Size 440X510X835
Power 1100W
Currency .
Voltage/Hz 3∮220V/50Hz 3∮380V/50Hz
Pump power .
Rated currency 3.1A

Product features

1.Suitable for CNC hobbing machine, gear pulling machine, gear shaping machine, gear grinding machine, gear honing machine.

2.Applicable to CNC honing machine, internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, crankshaft grinding machine, thread grinding machine, deep hole processing machine.

3. Suitable for CNC integrated cutting machining centre, CNC lathe, milling machine, broaching machine.

4. Suitable for EDM machine tools, electric machining fluid, machine tool hydraulic station.

5. The control system adopts LCD Chinese and English bilingual computer controller, which is simple and intuitive to operate. This controller has automatic fault diagnosis function, directly displaying the fault point on the screen, prompting the user to deal with it quickly.

6. With "temperature fixed" and "room temperature with adjustment" two kinds of control mode, the user can choose according to the actual needs.

7. With a variety of protection functions and passive alarm terminals, the fault signal can be fed back to the CNC control system of the machine tool, the machine tool and workpiece processing to provide protection.

8. Provide off-machine start terminal, easy to realize the machine tool and oil cooler intermodal control.

9. RS485 communication interface is provided for communication with the host machine.

10. Directly installed on the liquid tank, not affected by impurities, sludge, metal dust in the cutting fluid, easy maintenance of the refrigeration machine.

11. The evaporation coil is made of stainless steel or copper tube with surface plating treatment, suitable for a variety of liquids, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, high efficiency and energy saving.

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